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Personal Injury & Wrongful Death in Birmingham, Alabama

Protect your rights by contacting The Johnson Law Firm in Birmingham, Alabama, for quality legal representation. We represent you during personal injury, wrongful death, and product liability cases. Contact us to learn more about our litigation record today.


Personal Injury

Receive the compensation you deserve after a personal injury with the help of The Johnson Law Firm. Our 30 years of experience have taught us which legal avenues to pursue and strategies to construct to secure the compensation you need for a comfortable recovery. We handle serious personal injury and auto accident claims even when you're up against an insurance company.

Insurance Claims

Despite their advertising, insurance companies are NOT on your side, you are NOT in good hands, and they are NOT your good neighbors when you are trying to negotiate with them without an attorney. Call us today so we can fight for you and negotiate a reasonable settlement.

Wrongful Death

When you are grieving the loss of a loved one, the last thing you want is a prolong legal entanglement. Turn to our law firm for the prompt and effective litigation services you need to recover lost potential earnings, medical expenses, and funeral and burial expenses.

Product Liability

Have you been seriously injured by a defectively designed or manufactured product? Our law firm holds manufacturers and designers liable for the injuries caused by their products, ensuring that you receive the compensation you deserve.

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